Special Effects

I bought Special Effects blue hair dye from Hot Topic. This one worked a bit better in terms of lasting. Around 2.5 weeks before again turning green. Blue color was really nice while it lasted. I am still getting the staining problems though. This one actually stained my skin when I had a bit of perspiration on my neck. But so far this is the one I like best in terms of color and longevity.


KayAnne Lee said...

I just dyed my hair blue as well, after wanting to for years. I used Special Effects Blue Velvet. If you liked the blue you had(which was really nice I have to say) but didn't like the green fade, try Blue Velvet. It is really dark when it is on (it looks black with a blue shine) but as it fades it turns a shade of purple, but not too much. I rather like the purple. And as I bleached my dark brown hair first,(it was sort of orange before I put on the blue) when it faded, I had purple, blue, and pink streaks, which were REALLY nice. It was a cool color in general. I hope you try it.

Anonymous said...

ello there, ive been doing blue in my hair for bout a yr now. i had the ends bleached out (i have very dark black/brown hair) at a salon and then every 2 wks i reapply manic panic, it looks awesome and i always get compliments on it. but one annoying thing i have to do is every 3 days deep condition the ends.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link for you with many different colors of blue hair dye. You can mix toner with blue to get a light blue hair dye. You said your hair turns green. I hope you are bleaching your hair long enough. If you bleach your hair for an hour then you won't have any color left to mix with the blue hair dye.


Anonymous said...

i dyed my hair fishbowl blue and it lasted for about a month before it started turning green and fading funny. i wash my hair with baby shampoo which made a big difference with the fading and helped with the damage from bleaching. For the first week, a lot seemed to wash out, so i didn't wash my hair as much, but it sticks better the longer you have your hair dyed.

Alethea said...

I've been dying my hair blue for a few years and the best anti-fade tricks I've found are:

1) Only apply shampoo to your scalp, and just let it rinse through the rest of your hair. This will leave your hair looking clean and fade the dye less.

2) Condition daily to lock in color.

And of course second what everyone else said about bleaching as light as possible, using heat, washing only every-other day, etc.