Pictures of My Blue Hair Extensions

Blue Hair
Here is a picture of the blue hair extension. There is a little clip at the top that you can use to attach it to your real hair.

Blue Hair
Blue Hair
Here are a couple of pictures of my hair with the blue extension in it. You can put multiple extensions, too. You can even use different colors for variety.

Pictures Of My Hair Dyed Blue

Here is a picture of my blue hair. This is a couple of days after using Special Effects blue hair dye.

Here is another picture of my blue hair. This is around two and a half weeks after using Special Effects dye so it is already starting to fade to green.

Blue Hair Extensions

The blue hair extensions that I now use are clip ons. The color is a rich royal blue. I'll try to post a picture once my usb thingee is working again. The clip on is a bunch of blue hair has a little clip at the top that you can attach to your own hair. This way you can put it on and take it off whenever you please. Works great since I now work at an office that would frown upon any sort of outlandish hairdos. I bought the extension at a shop called INVU at the Great Mall in Milpitas, CA. They have a lot of other nice colors. The last time I was there they were out of the blue though. I was planning on buying more so that I could scatter the effect all around my head instead of limiting it to just one part.

Permanent Blue Hair Dye

It tried a few other blue hair color products but I can’t remember the names anymore. None of them worked any better. I also tried surfing the web to see if there were any permanent blue hair dyes out there. So far, it looks like there isn’t. All I found was the semi-permanents that I tried and some temporary ones that wash out after one shampoo. So at this point I have resorted to just using blue hair extensions to create a streaked effect. They look pretty good but I would still rather be able to dye my hair blue permanently. If anyone out there has had better luck finding permanent blue hair dye, please let me know.

Special Effects

I bought Special Effects blue hair dye from Hot Topic. This one worked a bit better in terms of lasting. Around 2.5 weeks before again turning green. Blue color was really nice while it lasted. I am still getting the staining problems though. This one actually stained my skin when I had a bit of perspiration on my neck. But so far this is the one I like best in terms of color and longevity.

Manic Panic

I just tried Manic Panic blue hair dye that I bought from a Sally Beauty supply shop. Still no luck. It kept washing off after every shampoo. The water that drips from my hair is always blue. I think if I rinsed my hair and waited til the water ran clear I would probably be in the shower for a week and end up with all the blue gone from my hair. The floor of the shower is now blue by the way. Hope the color comes out when I wash the shower floor. Manic Panic lasted a week as well before turning green.

Jerome Russell's Punky Hair Dye

I bought Jerome Russell's Punky blue hair dye at a Sally Beauty supply shop to see if this will work better than the salon stuff. Unfortunately, I got pretty much the same results. A bit better on the color since it was lighter and looks really blue even if I am standing under the sun. But I got the same problems in terms of it washing off after a few shampoos. It lasted around a week before it turned green. I have resorted to only wearing blue or black shirts at this point coz it keeps staining my clothes.

Permanent? I Think Not!

Well, so much for permanent blue hair. The stuff keeps washing off every time I take a shower. It has gotten to the point that I now have green hair instead of blue. And it is not a nice shade of green either. It does not look good at all. I will have to re-dye it myself and see if I get better results.

Blue Hair Staining

I had a shower this morning and streaks of blue water came down the tub. And there were blue stains on my towel and shirt from where my wet hair got into contact with them. Hmmm… I hope this does not keep happening.

The Salon

I went to the salon and got my blue hair. The lady said that it was permanent. I only had them do the lower part of my hair because I did not want it to be too drastic. They had to bleach my hair a couple of times because my hair is black. Then after that they put on the blue. It took around 5 hours. I was rather disappointed coz it is was a really dark blue and pretty much just looks black. I can only see that it is blue when it is directly under the sun.

Blue Hair

I’ve always wanted to have blue hair. This year I have decided to go through with it. I work at an office that does not ban outlandish hair coloring so this is my chance.

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